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The early Spanish and Portuguese explorers of the 1400’s and 1500s bravely ventured forth into an uncertain world in search of new lands. Beginning with Christopher Columbus’ 1492 journey, our Discovery Globe illustrates the routes of the explorers to and from the New World, shows the extent of the lands of La Florida, the new Universities that were established in the Americas, and the settlements and cities that they founded. The globe is 30 feet high and is extremely impressive, and features shows every hour for your viewing pleasure in a comfortable, air-conditioned theater setting. Be sure to examine the fascinating coquina stonework around the back of the globe building – it is gorgeous! As with all areas of Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Parks, your leashed pet is most welcome!

“The Fountain of Youth Park commemorates the 1513 arrival of Juan Ponce de Leon in Florida and the legend of the Fountain of Youth. People have lived on this site for over 3,000 years, since the Archaic period of Florida’s history. There may be no other single property in Florida that contains such an array of important archaeological resources
for our state’s early history. “– FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF STATE



Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth